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Avg temp : 10.0 <= 12.5
Acc.No. Location of Seed Collecting Tribal name Date Depositor Collector Request Avarage
Prefecture Town Location
MG-9 Akita Oga Oga Peninsula Oga 1996 R. Matsuki R. Matsuki Available 10.7
MG-23 Aomori Aomori Aomori T. Nemoto T. Nemoto Available 10.1
MG-39 Aomori Hiranai Mouth of Shimizu River Hiranai 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 10.1
MG-41 Akita Akita Asahi River Asahigawa 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 11.4
MG-44 Miyagi Ishinomaki Sea side Ishinomaki T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 11.4
MG-46 Fukushima Shiokawa Ohshio River Shiokawa2 1980.3 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 11.4
MG-84 Fukushima Nishi-Aizu Nishiaizu 1981.7.18 NARCHR NARCHR Available 11.4
MG-85 Fukushima Ishikawa Abukuma River Ishikawa 1981.8.1 NARCHR NARCHR Available 11.3
MG-86 Miyagi Naruko Arao River Naruko 1981.8.1 NARCHR NARCHR Available 11.3
MG-87 Yamagata Higashine Yamagata Animal husbandry Research Institute Higashine 1981.7.16 NARCHR NARCHR Out of stock 11.5
MG-89 Iwate Morioka Kuriya River Morioka1 1981.8.10 NARCHR NARCHR Available 10.0
MG-109 Iwate Morioka Ota Morioka2 NILGS NILGS Available 10.0
MG-120 Nagano Kamiminochi Sakae Shinanoshiratori Sakae NILGS NILGS Available 10.5
MG-121 Nagano Iiyama Iiyama NILGS NILGS Available 10.8
MG-123 Nagano Chino Tateshina Chino NILGS NILGS Out of stock 10.8
MG-124 Fukushima Aizubange Aizubange NILGS NILGS Available 11.4
MG-125 Fukushima Aizuwakamatsu Morinaga Kita Aizuwakamatsu NILGS NILGS Out of stock 11.4
MG-126 Fukushima Shirakawa Shirakawa NILGS NILGS Available 11.3
MG-127 Miyagi Eai River Eaigawa NILGS NILGS Available 11.0
MG-128 Tochigi Hoki River Hokigawa NILGS NILGS Available 12.4
MG-129 Akita Nishisenboku Kariwano Nishisenboku NILGS NILGS Available 10.4
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