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Avg temp : 7.5 <= 10.0
Acc.No. Location of Seed Collecting Tribal name Date Depositor Collector Request Avarage
Prefecture Town Location
MG-10 Iwate Tono Sarugaishi River Tono 1996.9.7 T. Aoki T. Aoki M. Komoto Available 9.4
MG-11 Iwate Yuda Kinshuko Yuda 1996/9/8 T. Aoki T. Aoki M. Komoto Available 8.8
MG-29 Iwate Miyamori Tassobe Tassobe 2000.8.16 I. Nakamura I. Nakamura Out of stock 9.4
MG-40 Aomori Towada Okuirise River Towada 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 9.4
MG-42 Akita Tazawa Lake Tazawa Tazawako T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 9.4
MG-71 Kumamoto Aso Entrance of Ura-Aso Aso 1981.7.13 NARCHR NARCHR Available 9.6
MG-90 Hokkaido Sapporo NARCH Sapporo 1981.8.7 NARCHR NARCHR Available 8.5
MG-91 Hokkaido Ono Ono River Ono 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Available 8.3
MG-94 Hokkaido Date Kogane Sea Side Date 1981.8.6 NARCHR NARCHR Available 8.4
MG-96 Hokkaido Tomakomai Nisikioka Tomakomai 1981.8.18 NARCHR NARCHR Available 7.5
MG-98 Hokkaido Nanae Shirotai Ranch Nanae 1981.8.19 NARCHR NARCHR Available 8.3
MG-99 Hokkaido Hakodate Mt. Hakodate Hakodate 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Available 8.8
MG-100 Hokkaido Yakumo Higashino Yakumo 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Available 7.8
MG-108 Iwate Shizukuishi Koiwai Shizukuishi NILGS NILGS Out of stock 9.2
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