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 Wild Accession Detail
Strain information detail
Accession No. MG-93
Tribal name Komagatake
Year collected 1981.8.5
Depositor NARCHR
Collector NARCHR
Request Available
Place of collection
Place of collection Hokkaido  Mori
Location Mt. Komagatake
Latitude. 42 ° 02 ' 01 " N
Longitude. 140 ° 40 ' 13 " E
Weather condition
Observatory Mori
Observatory Latitude 42 ° 4.0 " N
Observatory Longitude 140 ° 35.3 " E
Avg. temp (°C)  
Avg. Max. temp (°C)  
Avg. Min. temp (°C)  
Avg. wind speed (m/s)  
Daylight hours during year (hr)  
Precipitation during year (mm)  
Max. snowfall (m)  
Max. temp (°C) 30.4
Min. temp (°C) -13.7
All survey was conducted during flowering season Miyazaki University National Agricultural
Research Center For
Hokkaido Region
Flowering day
(day after seeding)
Date when first flower opened .
84.3 72.4
Flowering degree
(number of flowering stems/number of all stems:%)
Measurement at two weeks after flowering day
19.6 77.6
Plant height (cm) 22.3 25.6
Plant habit
*0(Creeping) <-- Middle --> 90(Standing).
32.4 18.6
Leaflet length(mm) 12.97 12.95
Leaflet width(mm) 8.22 7.88
Plant regrowth after cutting(cm)   7.5
Stem thickness(mm) 1.8 2.11
Stem color
1:white yellow, 3:light brown, 5:brown, 7:dark brown, 9:black .
6.8 9.0
pod width (mm)   3.08
pod length (mm)   31.9
number of seeds per pod   24.2
1000 seeds weight (g) 1.14  
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