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 Wild Accession Detail
Strain information detail
Accession No. MG-15
Tribal name Bishamon
Year collected 1997.6.14
Depositor T. Aoki
Collector T. Aoki M. Kawaguchi M. Komoto
Request Available
Place of collection
Place of collection Kanagawa  Miura
Location Bishamon Bay
Latitude. 35 ° 08 ' 07 " N
Longitude. 139 ° 40 ' 35 " E
Weather condition
Observatory Miura
Observatory Latitude 35 ° 10.7 " N
Observatory Longitude 139 ° 37.8 " E
Avg. temp (°C) 15.6
Avg. Max. temp (°C) 19.0
Avg. Min. temp (°C) 12.5
Avg. wind speed (m/s) 2.6
Daylight hours during year (hr) 1867.7
Precipitation during year (mm) 1548.0
Max. snowfall (m)  
Max. temp (°C) 36.4
Min. temp (°C) -3.8
All survey was conducted during flowering season Miyazaki University National Agricultural
Research Center For
Hokkaido Region
Flowering day
(day after seeding)
Date when first flower opened .
Flowering degree
(number of flowering stems/number of all stems:%)
Measurement at two weeks after flowering day
Plant height (cm)    
Plant habit
*0(Creeping) <-- Middle --> 90(Standing).
Leaflet length(mm)    
Leaflet width(mm)    
Plant regrowth after cutting(cm)    
Stem thickness(mm)    
Stem color
1:white yellow, 3:light brown, 5:brown, 7:dark brown, 9:black .
pod width (mm)    
pod length (mm)    
number of seeds per pod    
1000 seeds weight (g) 0.97  
Plant -
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