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Seeds weight (Miyazaki Uni.) : 1.25 <=
Acc.No. Location of Seed Collecting Tribal name Date Depositor Collector Request Seeds weight
(Miyazaki Uni.)
Seeds weight
Prefecture Town Location
MG-72 Kumamoto Hakusui Minami-Tozan Road Hakusui 1981.8.13 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.29  
MG-91 Hokkaido Ono Ono River Ono 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Out of stock 1.27  
MG-97 Hokkaido Oshamambe Kun-nui Oshyamanbe2 1981.8.19 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.46  
Miyakojima MG-20 Available 1.47  
Viking (Lotus corniculatus) Out of stock 1.37  
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