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Seeds weight (Miyazaki Uni.) : 1.0 <= 1.25
Acc.No. Location of Seed Collecting Tribal name Date Depositor Collector Request Seeds weight
(Miyazaki Uni.)
Seeds weight
Prefecture Town Location
MG-10 Iwate Tono Sarugaishi River Tono 1996.9.7 T. Aoki T. Aoki M. Komoto Available 1.01  
MG-23 Aomori Aomori Aomori T. Nemoto T. Nemoto Available 1.1  
MG-34 Hokkaido Toyokoro Lake Yudo Toyokoro 1980.9.19 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.06  
MG-36 Hokkaido Oshamambe Sae side Toyotsu Oshyamanbe1 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.07  
MG-39 Aomori Hiranai Mouth of Shimizu River Hiranai 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.12  
MG-40 Aomori Towada Okuirise River Towada 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.17  
MG-41 Akita Akita Asahi River Asahigawa 1979.8 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.03  
MG-44 Miyagi Ishinomaki Sea side Ishinomaki T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.13  
MG-49 Hyougo Kasumi River side Kasumi 1980.7.26 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.16  
MG-62 1980.7.20 T. Shimada T. Shimada Available 1.15  
MG-76 Ymaguchi Yamaguchi Ohuchi Yamaguchi 1981.7.11 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.09  
MG-78 Fukui Izumi The mouth of Lake Kuzuryu Kuzuryuko 1981.7.16 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.0  
MG-79 Fukui Mikuni The mouth of Kuzuryuu River Mikuni 1981.7.16 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.09  
MG-81 Niigata Omi The mouth of Hime River Omi 1981.7.17 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.09  
MG-84 Fukushima Nishi-Aizu Nishiaizu 1981.7.18 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.07  
MG-85 Fukushima Ishikawa Abukuma River Ishikawa 1981.8.1 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.01  
MG-87 Yamagata Higashine Yamagata Animal husbandry Research Institute Higashine 1981.7.16 NARCHR NARCHR Out of stock 1.24  
MG-88 Tochigi Uji-ie Kinu River Ujiie 1981.7.21 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.05  
MG-90 Hokkaido Sapporo NARCH Sapporo 1981.8.7 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.19  
MG-92 Hokkaido Tokoro Wakka Tokoro 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.04  
MG-93 Hokkaido Mori Mt. Komagatake Komagatake 1981.8.5 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.14  
MG-94 Hokkaido Date Kogane Sea Side Date 1981.8.6 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.23  
MG-95 Hokkaido Shiraoi Kojuhama Sea Side Shiraoi 1981.8.6 NARCHR NARCHR Out of stock 1.13  
MG-96 Hokkaido Tomakomai Nisikioka Tomakomai 1981.8.18 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.09  
MG-98 Hokkaido Nanae Shirotai Ranch Nanae 1981.8.19 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.07  
MG-99 Hokkaido Hakodate Mt. Hakodate Hakodate 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.22  
MG-101 Hokkaido Mori Akai River Mori2 1981.8.20 NARCHR NARCHR Available 1.1  
MG-115 Gifu Ibigawa Ibi River Ibigawa NILGS NILGS Available 1.13  
MG-116 Fukui Kuzuryu Ski slope Kuzuryu NILGS NILGS Available 1.04  
MG-120 Nagano Kamiminochi Sakae Shinanoshiratori Sakae NILGS NILGS Available 1.03  
MG-122 Nagano Sanada Sugahira Sugahira2 NILGS NILGS Available 1.05  
MG-123 Nagano Chino Tateshina Chino NILGS NILGS Available 1.0  
Gifu B-129 Available 1.07  
Empire (Lotus corniculatus) Out of stock 1.17  
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