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  • ミヤコグサ Lotus japonicus
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Lotus japonicus - LORE1 insertion tag lines

As for the LORE1 insertion tag lines, we set a limit of 20 lines for each request.
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Plant ID Insertion site ID Insertion site feature Request
P0001 LjSGA016142_868_R_J 5'UTR Out of stock
P0003 LjSGA025264_1887_R_J intron
P0005 chr0_670804_R_J intergenic
LjSGA042297_123_R_J intergenic
P0006 chr0_15646091_R_J intergenic
P0007 chr4_735321_F_J exon
P0008 LjSGA017743_193_R_J intron
P0010 chr1_60820427_R_J intron Out of stock
P0011 chr1_56276894_R_J intergenic
P0012 chr6_13055138_F_J intergenic
P0013 chr2_41173235_R_J 5'UTR
chr6_16397982_F_J intergenic
P0014 chr5_13496662_R_J intron
P0016 chr3_5778277_F_J 5'UTR
P0021 chr1_49500799_F_J intron
chr4_18910992_F_J 5'UTR
chr4_40342047_R_J exon
P0022 LjSGA014033_225_R_J exon Out of stock
LjSGA089356_1098_F_J exon
P0024 LjSGA024628_790_F_J intergenic Out of stock
P0028 chr4_108026_R_J exon
P0029 chr1_3598897_R_J intergenic
chr4_40494526_R_J intron
P0030 chr2_13474421_F_J 3'UTR
P0031 chr4_15096039_R_J 3'UTR
LjSGA047851_236_R_J intergenic
P0032 chr2_43043405_R_J 3'UTR
P0035 LjSGA020902_699_R_J exon
P0041 LjSGA127242_253_F_J intergenic Out of stock
P0042 chr4_24046925_R_J intergenic Out of stock
P0044 LjSGA074967_470_F_J exon
P0045 chr2_21814614_R_J exon
chr0_24375415_F_J intron
P0048 chr4_36939019_R_J intergenic
chr5_33442957_F_J intergenic
LjSGA070998_754_R_J 3'UTR
P0049 chr3_34454492_F_J intergenic
chr0_24347352_F_J intron
P0052 chr1_56033770_F_J exon
LjSGA017271_1863_F_J 3'UTR
LjSGA092889_395_F_J exon
P0054 LjSGA118405_515_F_J intergenic
LjSGA126178_208_F_J intergenic
P0056 chr3_20771845_R_J exon
P0057 chr2_30035905_F_J exon
chr2_30043126_R_J intron
chr5_14803881_F_J 3'UTR
P0063 chr3_4907471_F_J intergenic
P0068 LjSGA035479_1436_R_J intergenic
P0070 chr1_22376471_F_J exon
P0072 chr2_21379587_R_J intron
P0075 LjSGA024674_293_F_J intron
P0077 chr4_17610429_F_J exon
P0078 chr2_27304780_F_J intron
chr6_12489950_F_J intron
P0080 LjSGA033971_868_R_J exon Out of stock
P0082 chr1_36954929_R_J 3'UTR
LjSGA022776_1165_R_J intergenic
LjSGA046151_218_F_J intergenic
P0084 chr4_30962686_R_J 5'UTR
P0089 chr4_8281000_R_J intergenic
P0090 chr4_15460680_F_J intergenic
chr4_35875646_F_J 5'UTR
P0091 chr3_18059577_R_J exon
chr6_7624464_F_J intron
LjSGA012962_1797_F_J intergenic
LjSGA123055_151_R_J intergenic
P0092 chr1_281455_F_J exon
P0093 chr2_43973213_F_J 3'UTR
P0094 chr1_50584138_R_J 5'UTR
chr4_40483765_F_J exon
LjSGA122233_878_F_J intergenic
P0096 chr2_2668702_R_J intron
chr2_7608931_R_J 3'UTR
chr2_21315113_F_J intergenic
chr3_8891759_R_J intergenic
chr4_10772252_R_J intergenic
P0103 LjSGA026929_223_R_J intergenic
P0104 chr3_19387992_F_J exon
chr0_28838840_R_J intergenic
P0105 LjSGA031595_1015_F_J intergenic
P0109 chr1_63830627_F_J intergenic
chr2_18199085_F_J 3'UTR
P0110 chr1_13931049_R_J 3'UTR
chr2_6581553_F_J exon
P0112 chr4_13886643_R_J intron Out of stock
P0113 chr2_36092681_F_J exon
P0114 LjSGA120459_359_R_J 3'UTR
P0115 chr6_923788_R_J 3'UTR Out of stock
chr6_25608873_R_J 5'UTR
chr6_27450863_F_J 5'UTR
P0116 chr1_23475535_R_J exon
P0118 chr2_26102214_R_J intron
LjSGA036537_1214_R_J intergenic
LjSGA121552_721_F_J exon
P0119 chr1_33984527_R_J intron
chr1_42925394_R_J intron
chr5_30652290_F_J intergenic
P0120 LjSGA037468_303_F_J exon
P0121 chr1_52181592_R_J intergenic
P0123 chr2_34205613_F_J intergenic
P0126 chr2_18404076_R_J 3'UTR
chr5_16650813_R_J intron
P0127 chr6_16620501_R_J exon
LjSGA055214_244_R_J intergenic
P0128 chr4_11707936_F_J exon
P0129 chr1_11372734_F_J 5'UTR
P0132 LjSGA034470_293_R_J 3'UTR
P0139 chr4_19376821_F_J 5'UTR Out of stock
P0141 chr3_37677942_F_J intron
chr4_42862147_R_J intergenic
P0143 chr3_6474620_F_J 3'UTR
P0145 chr3_27207133_R_J exon
P0147 chr1_58660325_F_J intergenic
chr1_58660389_F_J intergenic
P0148 LjSGA033143_717_F_J intergenic
P0149 LjSGA005500_693_F_J intron
P0151 chr1_58218317_F_J intron
LjSGA044786_281_F_J intergenic
P0152 chr5_32343527_F_J exon
LjSGA029290_198_R_J intergenic
LjSGA029290_199_R_J intergenic
P0157 chr4_40261679_F_J intron
LjSGA027441_1078_R_J intergenic
P0160 chr1_47074864_F_J exon
P0161 chr1_1449671_R_J intron
chr2_33364467_R_J intron
LjSGA008832_607_F_J exon
P0165 LjSGA010727_3202_F_J intron Out of stock
P0167 chr2_31485246_R_J intron
chr6_28195656_R_J intron
P0170 chr2_6484440_F_J 3'UTR
P0174 chr6_20279924_R_J 3'UTR
P0175 chr6_26899302_F_J exon
P0176 chr4_41214993_R_J intergenic
P0177 chr3_32425471_F_J exon
P0178 chr3_9877891_R_J 5'UTR
P0188 chr4_18556604_F_J intron
P0192 chr5_18369191_F_J intron
P0202 chr2_38218209_F_J exon
P0203 chr3_27930419_R_J exon
chr4_11025853_R_J intergenic
LjSGA014939_476_F_J 3'UTR
P0206 LjSGA046229_140_R_J exon
P0208 chr1_35659741_R_J intron
chr1_35696301_F_J exon
LjSGA098542_757_R_J intron
P0209 chr2_8934024_R_J exon
chr3_13513675_R_J intron
chr6_17500819_F_J 3'UTR
LjSGA016156_527_F_J intron
LjSGA017621_2072_R_J intergenic
P0210 chr4_14444471_R_J exon
P0212 chr5_9033761_F_J exon
LjSGA139772_209_F_J intergenic
P0214 chr3_44616087_R_J exon
P0217 LjSGA014014_2197_F_J intergenic
P0218 LjSGA031662_1618_F_J exon
NBRP NationalBioResource Project
The National BioResource Project(L.japonicus and G. max) Office
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Miyazaki Miyazaki 889-2192, Japan
E-mail : legume@brc.miyazaki-u.ac.jp