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Last Update:
 June 15, 2020
version 3.2.2
Mutants : Flower color mutant -All list-
Name Character Mutagene Developper Depositor Distribution
Wild type (Bay) purple
222-A-3 near white X-ray T. Anai Saga University
E30-D-1 light purple EMS T. Anai Saga University
E023-H-12 purple with dilute (gradient) EMS T. Anai Saga University
E013-C-1 deep purple EMS T. Anai Saga University

Please citate the following manuscript, when you publishing the research results obtained by use of this resources.

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  • F. Yan, S. Di, Y.i Murai, T. Iwashina, T. Anai and R. Takahashi (2016) New Allelic Variant Discovered at Soybean Flower Color Locus W1 Encoding Flavonoid 3′5′-hydroxylase. Crop Sci. 56: 1506-1513
  • R. Takahashi, F. Yan, S. Di, Y. Murai, T. Iwashina and T. Anai (2017) Genetic and Chemical Analysis of Deep Purple Flower in Soybean. Crop Sci. 57:1893-1898
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